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MOTUC Sorceress The Heroic Guardian of Castle Grayskull™
MOTUC Sorceress The Heroic Guardian of Castle Grayskull™|escape 
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La serie Masters of The univese Classic è una linea di giocattoli destinata alla realizzazione di ristampe, migliorate, dei primissimi Masters ormai rarissimi in commercio.


BSorceress® Bio
Real Name: Teela’na

Growing up in a small Eternian village, Teela’na helped defend her people from a Horde Scout ship that had discovered her planet on a magic locating mission. Recognized for her loyalty, courage and wisdom, the current aging Sorceress® chose Teela’na to take up her title and defend Castle Grayskull’s secrets for the next generation. During her reign as Sorceress®, Teela’na not only cast the spell to clone the Sword of He, she was also cloned herself by Skeletor® who desired a magic-wielding bride to pass on his legacy. With the help of Man-At-Arms®, Teela’na saved the cloned child. And it was through her undying love and devotion to this baby girl that Teela'na gave her up to Man-At-Arms®, awaiting the day when her daughter would become the new Sorceress® and Guardian of Castle Grayskull's secrets.

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