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Oniri Creations 1/6TH Scale Statue: Cobra The Space Pirate
Oniri Creations 1/6TH Scale Statue: Cobra The Space Pirate|escape 
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Created in 1977, Buichi Terasawa's cult character, Cobra, is the most wanted man in all of space. Known across the galaxy for carrying the deadly psychogun hidden in his left forearm, Cobra, and his companion, Lady, are going to live many an adventure during their travels. Among some of which they will have to face the fearsome Space Pirates guild. Oniri Créations is proud to present its first statue dedicated to Buichi Terasawa's cult manga, COBRA. Teaming up with his loyal ally Lady, Cobra is depicted in his classic pose, his psychogun drawn, and ready to fight the Swordsmen that face him. The diorama is over 30cm high and depicts our two heroes in the middle of a battlefield. Special attention has been brought to the base and all the elements, both sculpt and paintjob, to ensure that it looks as though it has been one epic battle. Cobra's jacket, being blown by the desert wind above his shoulders, and Lady's pose make the whole scene very dynamic while staying true to Terasawa's original work.

SCULPTOR: Sheridan Doose / Guillaume Vanson

PAINTER: Kevin Ferrer

CONCEPT: Hive Studio

DIMENSIONS 34x31x29cm

RELEASE DATE: Spring 2018

Codice SKU4638
Produttore Oniri Creations
Prezzo: €488.00
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